How can we improve Metatogger?

Is it possible to make it use the default system theme? That is, Office 2013 on Win8+ and good old Aero on Vista+ ?

Dear CyberSinh,

Thanks a lot for fixing one major annoyance last time with Metatogger being unresizable on netbooks. You also did very well on speed optimization for scrolling in filelists...

However, is it possible to use native system theme rather than (ugly in my opinion) Office 2013 look and feel? The horrible Office interface is one of the main reasons I won't put office 2013 on one of my boxes, since it's such a counterintuitive eyesore...

Maybe a check-box to switch between native (XP/Aero/Win8+) and custom (Office 2013) could do it...

Thanks in advance.

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  • Kaito Kid commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I know that some users like office 2013 (ribbon interface), but,
    some users think that is like using windows 8 program, so,
    could you please make a dual program choice interface (ribbon-aero interface)????

    If you don't want to, it doesn't matter to some users,anyway, it could be
    ideal for win7 users like me...

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