How can we improve Metatogger?

Fulfill automatically the year of publication

When finding the year of several song, it can be hard:

- In automatically way, only possible with the database (should be also with acoustical fingerprint)
- The database find album's years, and not publication's year of the songs (I have to find the oldest album which contains my song to estimate the publication, and this manually!)
- With database, too many operation has to be made manually (selection of songs only one by one, research, finding the oldest album in my case, fulfill, remove then the album name because I just want the year, save)

- Add year to coustic fingerprint mode
- With database, creation of option "date of album/date of song's publication"
- Automation of the process with database:
Choose which tag to modify first (by activation/desactivation of these)
Selection of songs
Selection of specifications (date of album or song ?...)
Research for the activated tags (and this for all the selection)
Warn the user at the end if some items hasn't been found

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